MODEL 2X Water Heater

Fix your hot water problem in just 15 minutes. No extra wiring needed.

MODEL 2X Water Heater

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If you are tired of running out of hot water, the MODEL 2X Water Heater is your answer. It works in conjunction with your existing electric tank-type water heater and requires no additional electrical work. That's because the MODEL 2X begins to draw power from the breaker associated with your existing tank once your hot water supply is depleted to provide 50-100% more hot water. Please note that the MODEL 2X will not function properly with Hybrid, Heat Pump, GeoSpring or any other "smart" water heater.

We recommend using the MODEL 2X Water Heater if:

  • Your existing electric tank water heater often runs out of hot water.
  • You want more hot water from your electric tank, but the additional electrical work is too costly or difficult.
  • You have need to replace your old water heater, but the new NAECA 3 regulations require more space and provide less hot water storage. Simply purchase the smaller electric tank-type water heater that will fit in your existing space and give it a boost by installing the MODEL 2X Water Heater right above it.
    installation is easy

    Give your hot water an extra boost.

    The MODEL 2X works with any tank-type water heater to give you at least 50% more hot water. Avoid costly buildouts by buying a smaller water heater tank and using the MODEL 2X to boost the amount of hot water you will get.

    installation is easy

    Your water heater has a dirty little secret.

    All water heaters come standard with a fundamental flaw: the metal heating element will rust, scale and eventually fail. But not before it creates sediment inside the same tank that stores your family's hot water.

    Heatworks water heaters are different. We use water as the heating element, so the hot water you get is purer. And requires no maintenance.

    Product Features


    Water Purity

    No heating elements ensures no mineral or sediment build up.


    Energy Efficient

    Save money on your monthly utilities. Our water heater is 99% energy efficient.


    Compact Size

    Fits anywhere in your home for added convenience and comfort.



    6-year full unit exchange guarantee.


    Zero Maintenance

    Powered by Ohmic Array Technology with no internal parts to fail.

    Technical Specs

    technical specs of MODEL 2X

    Product Information

    12.25" x 6.5" x 9.5"
    10.5 lbs., approx. 16 lbs. installed
    3/4" or 22 mm push-fit connectors
    Digital Controls:
    Digital LCD & push button interface, °F or °C
    Max Temp Rise:
    24° F rise at 2 GPM
    Standard Warranty:
    6-year full unit exchange

    Operating Ranges

    208-240 V
    50/60 Hz
    6.2-7.2 kW
    30-100 psi / 2.06-6.89 bar / 206-689 kPa
    150-1500 µS
    30 A