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Ohmic Array Technology

Heatworks products operate silently, providing instant hot water without the use of heating elements. Our patented Ohmic Array Technology uses graphite electrodes in place of traditional metal heating elements. Through advanced electronic controls, the naturally occurring minerals in water are excited, directly and efficiently heating the water. With no heating elements, the only component that gets hot inside our products is the water itself, resulting in zero plating, scaling, or corroding, a longer lifespan, and no required maintenance.
Other water heaters utilize metal heating elements which fail frequently. Metal heating elements corrode, rust over time, and must reach temperatures upwards of 700-800° F to heat water sufficiently. Heating elements boil the water at the point of contact, causing minerals in the water break down and stick to them. This causes inefficiencies and shortens the time to failure. In addition to corroding and plating, higher temperatures also cause heating elements to crack, creating another failure mode. Heatworks products use graphite electrodes in place of traditional metal heating elements. Our graphite electrodes never get hotter than the water being heated, so there is no plating, scaling, or corrosion over time. This means our products do not require maintenance and have a significantly longer lifespan.
For the MODEL 3 Water Heater, the conductivity must fall between 80 to 2000 µs of conductivity. The only way to accurately check the conductivity of your water is to use a conductivity meter, which can be purchased online for under $20. Your water company should also know the conductivity of the water source.
The electric current used in Heatworks products for heating water poses no risk of electrocution to those using the water coming out of the unit. Heatworks products contain several fail-safe components to comply with safety regulations surrounding water and electricity to ensure user safety. Also, all of our products are all tested and certified to UL 499 standard.
Hard water does not affect the performance of your Heatworks product. Heatworks products use graphite electrodes in place of traditional heating elements. Because these electrodes are made of graphite and never get hotter than the water being heated, they will never plate or corrode. This holds true even if you have harder water in your home. If your water comes from a well, we recommend installing a sand filter on the main water line entering the house from the well along with contacting DNR for information on well water supply conductivity in your area.

Partner with Heatworks

Our technology can be used in new and existing products that currently use metal heating elements for a more efficient and accurate way to heat water. And since Ohmic Array Technology has zero scaling and corrosion over time, products also last longer.


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