The Duo Carafe

A first-of-its-kind, battery-operated, hot water carafe heats water instantaneously as you pour. Anytime. Any temperature. For anything.


One spout for hot water, the other for filtered cool water.

Made for your busy lifestyle, the DUO Carafe is battery-operated and can heat up to 4 cups of water instantaneously to (+/-) 1° F. Simply add cool water to the reservoir, replace the top, and pour. You’ll get filtered cool or precisely heated water to fill up your coffee mug, tea cup, soup bowl, or even baby’s bottle. On the go.

Purer Hot Water

No heating elements to rust or scale ensures your hot beverage tastes better. From the first to the last cup.

Precise Temperature Control

Water is heated instantly, within 1° F of the temperature setpoint. Make coffees and teas at their ideal temperatures.

Unmatched Performance

99% energy efficient. Includes a water filtration system to ensure that you start with the best tasting water.


Bring DUO with you for hot water on the go. At home, plug it in using its magnetic charging port to ensure it’s always ready.

Compact Size

Ergonomically designed to fit in your hand easily for pouring. One spout for hot & one for cool water.


DUO is powered by Heatworks’ patented Ohmic Array Technology.

Different coffees and teas require different temperatures (most coffee is best between 195 and 205° F, green teas are brewed at 175° F) for proper brewing. Typical kettles heat a full reservoir of water so that both coffee and tea are made at the same temperature. Instead, the DUO Carafe uses our patented Ohmic Array Technology to heat water instantaneously as you pour, leaving the water in the reservoir cool. This means you can make a perfect pour-over coffee, reset the temp, brew a perfect cup of tea, and then pour yourself a cool glass of water, all without refilling or changing the water in the carafe.


DUO is the ideal hot water system.

Start enjoying coffee, tea, soup, and more at their optimal temperatures for better tastes and improved health benefits.

DUO Temperature Guide
DUO Temperature Guide
See how we have combined on-demand hot water, precision temperature control, and water filtration—all in a beautiful, energy-efficient design.

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