ESTD. IN 2006

It all started with a simple problem.

It should have been easy: get hot water delivered to an outdoor shower. But in 2006, our founder and CEO Jerry Callahan found himself frustrated with the tankless electric water heaters that were on the market. They simply didn’t work. He figured if it was happening to him, then other people were probably having the same dilemma. After doing a ton of research and developing his own prototypes, he not only solved his initial problem, the technology he invented is changing the way the world heats water. Hot water is purer. Heats to the precise temperature you want. All at a 99% energy efficiency rate that never decreases. How's that for performance?

Broken electric coil from typical water heater


We've reinvented the way the world heats and uses water.

For the last 100 years, electric water heaters have been designed with one fundamental flaw: they all use metal heating elements to heat the water. To heat a tank full of water, the relatively small heating element must get very hot. In some cases, up to 800° F. This causes rust and limescale to form on the surface of the element. Over time, “hot spots” develop, and the elements fail.

Water As The Heating Element

What is Ohmic Array Technology?

1.  Water itself is an electrical conductor.

Instead of having elements that get really hot and then transfer the heat to the water, we actually pass electrical currents through the water itself. Using graphite electrodes and electronic controls, we increase the energy state of the water molecules, so they move faster. The faster they move, the more kinetic energy they have. This causes the molecules to begin to bounce off each other; that kinetic energy turns into heat. Through direct energy transfer, your water is heated instantly, within (+/-) 1 degree Fahrenheit of the temperature setpoint.

2.  Water conductivity matters.

When using water as an electrical conductor to generate heat, the current through the water is directly proportional to the conductivity. So a 240 V system that was designed to draw 10 A of current in the cool mountain water of the Pacific Northwest would draw 1,000 A in the warm salty water on the coast of Florida. Ohmic Array Technology addresses this challenge by controlling the resistance of the water circuit, and the resulting power draw: with electrode width, height and separation. By changing these parameters dynamically as the conductivity of the water changes, the power of the system as a whole can be controlled.

3.  Flexibility is key.

In a traditional electric heating element, only two possible states are possible: on and off. When the element turns on, there is lag time as it begins to heat up. Similarly, when its turned off, it takes time for the element to cool down. This type of system is inefficient and unreliable. In contrast, Ohmic Array Technology turns on and off instantly. There is no time lag since the water itself heats independent of the electrodes. More importantly, there are many more states than simply on and off. Each pair of electrodes can be controlled independently allowing the system to not only control heating activity, but also heating intensity.

4. Safety first.

Contrary to popular belief, the fresh water we use everyday for drinking, cooking, bathing, etc. is a rather poor conductor of electricity. For this reason, the electric current created with our Ohmic Array Technology for heating water poses no risk of electrocution to those using the water. As a second layer of protection, two non-heating, leakage electrodes are added to the Ohmic Array. These electrodes are positioned just next to the inlet and outlet pipes, and their only purpose is to “capture” leakage current. Any stray electrical potential is shunted directly to earth ground through them. Our family of water heaters are all tested and certified to UL 499 standard.

Our Ohmic Array Technology is patented.

We have spent a lot of time, money and resources developing our Ohmic Array Technology. It is covered by one or more US patents or certifications, as well as other foreign patents. See our list of patents.

Interested in partnership opportunities?

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