Heatworks MODEL 1X

Never run out of hot water again!

The Heatworks MODEL 1X connects to any tank-type water heater to give you at least 50% more hot water.  Simply plumb it in between the outlet of your tank heater and your hot water piping.  Use your existing electrical circuit to power the MODEL 1X, and then run your tank heater wiring to the MODEL 1X power controller.

MODEL 1X Installation Diagram

How much more?

Depending on your tank style and incoming water temperature, you'll have at least 50% more hot water for successive or longer showers.

MODEL 1X Provides More Hot Water


  • Maintenance free, no heating elements to replace, no parts to rust.
  • 110-250 VAC, user adjustable from 15A to 48A.
  • Typical installation is 240VAC, 30A
  • Silent operation
  • 12 year complete unit replacement guarantee
  • Designed and Assembled in the USA