Heatworks MODEL 1

The most versatile tankless water heater ever.

Waiting too long for hot water to arrive in the kitchen? Tank too far from the guest room? Unreliable tankless unit just failed for the 3rd time? The MODEL 1's got it covered.  

Use it to replace or improve any existing water heating system today. Enjoy instant and infinite hot water and with no required maintenance all while saving time, energy, and water. 

The Heatworks MODEL 1 is the world's first tankless electric water heater based on a patented technology to convert electrical energy into heat using the natural impurities found in water. What does this mean for you? No heating elements, no metal parts, no mineral scaling... just instant, safe, and infinite hot water.

This also allows the MODEL 1 to take in water that is already warm, and heat it to just the perfect temperature.  You can put one inline with your tank heater to eliminate waiting for water, or inline with your gas tankless to provide hot water even at a trickle.


  • Maintenance free, no heating elements to replace, no parts to rust.
  • Silent operation
  • 12 year complete unit replacement guarantee
  • Designed and Assembled in the USA
  • 110-250 VAC, user adjustable from 1.65kW to 11.5kW.
  • Consult our sizing guide for temperature rises and electrical requirements