Heatworks Locks Up CES Innovation Award for Third Year in a Row

With Crowd Favorite DUO Carafe; Announces Developer Kit Three years. Three products. Three awards.

Heatworks – the company that is fundamentally reshaping the way we heat and use water in everyday appliances – just returned from the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, where they announced an all-new developer kit that integrates their patented Ohmic Array Technology into appliances that heat water. This revolutionary water-heating process is at the core of their three award-winning products: the MODEL 3 smart tankless electric water heater, the Tetra countertop dishwasher and this year’s award-winning DUO carafe. With the introduction of the dev kit, Heatworks is working with other brands to add the rapid, efficient and sustainable features of Ohmic Array Technology, to their products. 

“Our new dev kit works with any product that uses up to four kilowatts,” said Heatworks Founder and CEO, Jerry Callahan. “Companies who are interested in seeing how our technology works firsthand can rent our Ohmic Array Technology dev kit and test it with their new or existing products. From there, we will work with them to customize the technology to fit within their specifications.” 

MODEL 3, powered by Heatworks’ patented Ohmic Array Technology, is now available for order and shipping. One of TIME Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2018, MODEL 3 is Heatworks’ flagship product and ultimate showcase of its innovation, with the ability to instantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while also saving consumers money on water, maintenance and up to $240 a year in electricity. MODEL 3 users can download a mobile app to remotely control the water output temperature, visualize water and energy usage, and estimate how much hot water is actually costing them.

“We spent the last year making some really crucial changes to our contract manufacturing processes and are so excited that MODEL 3 is ready to ship,” said Callahan. “Getting MODEL 3 out the door was our number one priority and now we can work to bring the popular Tetra and DUO to market this year, and explore other new use-cases for our technology with new partners.” 

Their DUO Carafe is a first-of-its-kind, battery-operated hot water carafe that filters and heats water instantly as it's pour. One spout for hot and one for cool water. Anytime. Any temperature. For anything.

To learn more about Heatworks, their technology, award-winning products and new dev kit, visit MyHeatworks.com.

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