Heatworks Announces Tetra the Connected Countertop Dishwasher at CES

Heatworks is set to showcase its MODEL 3 Water Heater alongside new smart dishwasher, Tetra, at Unveiled and CES; MODEL 3 announced as CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree.

Las Vegas – January 7, 2018 – Heatworks, the US-based company that is fundamentally reshaping the way the world heats and uses water, will be at CES and Unveiled to showcase its MODEL 3 Water Heater and reveal its latest water-based home appliance, Tetra, an internet-connected compact countertop dishwasher that requires no plumbing, allowing it to be placed and used anywhere.

With MODEL 3 set to ship to backers and preorders next month, Heatworks is excited to provide consumers with a first look at the tankless water heater that fits in a carry-on bag. The MODEL 3 Water Heater is one of the smallest tankless and electric water heaters available on the market, yet, it is also one of the most technologically advanced and environmentally conscious too.

Powered by Heatworks’ patented Ohmic Array Technology, MODEL 3 does not use traditional metal heating elements that can rust and scale over time. Through graphite electrodes and advanced electronic controls, the naturally occurring minerals in water are excited, directly and efficiently heating the water. And, since water is used as the heating element, the hot water is purer than water from any other water heaters available in the industry today.

The unique water heating process coupled with the MODEL 3’s ‘smart’ capabilities, creates a consistent and precise experience for any user. Since the MODEL 3 is 99% energy efficient, users will get more hot water and reduce the overall cost of heating their family’s water by about 40%. For the average American family, that’s $112 back each year. Heatworks’ groundbreaking app can be used to monitor things like the amount of hot water and energy use each day, and more.

Ohmic Array Technology can be applied to unlimited markets. As an example, Heatworks, in partnership with frog design, will also introduce Tetra, a connected countertop dishwasher perfect for delicate wine glasses, two place settings and any cramped apartment space. Following in the footsteps of the rest of the Heatworks product family, Tetra will minimize the footprint of the historically large dishwasher, while enhancing the overall user-experience. Not only can it be placed and used anywhere that has a standard electrical outlet, the whole wash cycle lasts only minutes. Tetra will cost under $300.

“We founded Heatworks when we realized the water heater we needed didn’t exist,” said Heatworks Founder and CEO, Jerry Callahan. “With Tetra, the same situation existed.”

For more information on both the MODEL 3 Water Heater and Tetra, visit: myheatworks.com.


About Heatworks
Based in Charleston, South Carolina, the Heatworks team came together to not only create the best tankless electric water heater on the market, but also to change the way the world heats water. Through its patented Ohmic Array Technology, Heatworks leverages the natural conductivity of water to generate heat in the simplest, purest and most efficient way. People save money and help to preserve Earth’s most precious resources: water and energy.

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