Heatworks Named a 2018 CES Innovation Product Award Honoree

We are thrilled to announce that our MODEL 3 Water Heater has been selected a CES 2018 Innovation Award Honoree in the Home Appliances product category. This designation is only awarded to consumer technology products with outstanding design and engineering across 28 product categories. To say the least, we are honored. This is our first CES award and the first to be given to a product powered by Ohmic Array Technology, which leverages the natural conductivity of liquids to generate heat.

Heatworks MODEL 3 Tankless Electric Water Heater

The MODEL 3 Water Heater is an internet-connected tankless electric water heater and mobile application that provides instant, endless hot water with unmatched purity, precision and performance. It uses graphite electrodes and advanced electronic controls in place of traditional metal heating elements that can rust and scale over time. Through advanced electronic controls, the naturally occurring minerals in water are excited, directly and efficiently heating the water. And, since water is used as the heating element, the hot water that comes from the MODEL 3 Water Heater is purer than water from any other water heaters available in the industry today.

Our groundbreaking WiFi-enabled mobile app allows users to monitor things like the amount of hot water and energy used each day in the home or business. It also lets users select and maintain their favorite temperatures within one degree Fahrenheit or allows them to limit showers to certain times during the day.

Heatworks founder and CEO Jerry Callahan attended the announcement event in New York last week. “What brought us together initially was the frustration with getting hot water delivered to an outdoor shower. We were sure if it was happening to us, then other people were probably having the same dilemma,” he said. “Not only did we seek to solve our initial problem, but we’re changing the way the world heats water.”

Heatworks wins CES 2018 Innovative Product Award

Jerry hopes this award will bring excitement to an often overlooked category and bring water heating behaviors into the forefront to inspire better energy and water consumption habits.

To ensure the MODEL 3 Water Heater was truly innovative and would leave users with a memorable product experience, we partnered with global design and strategy firm frog. According to Ethan Imboden, Head of Venture Design at frog, “When we started working with Jerry and his team, we were excited by their fresh take on the old problem of inefficient water heating. We wanted our design to reflect their new perspective but also feel inconspicuous within the home, and that extended to the branding and digital app. Our end result reinforces how Heatworks helps people understand that the action they take every day has an impact on our natural resources.”

Because the MODEL 3 Water Heater is WiFi enabled, IoT security is a critical area of focus for Heatworks. According to Mike Wieckowski, Heatworks Chief Technology Officer, “That’s why early on we decided to work with a proven partner, Xively by LogMeIn, to ensure our platform would be secure.”

The Xively's IoT platform delivers end-to-end security for its customers to assure all points of exposure have the appropriate and latest security in place, addressing end users, mobile apps, devices and the data associated with them. Xively relies on the latest security protocols and leverages the broader security best practices of LogMeIn.

The prestigious CES Innovation Awards are sponsored by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the producer of CES 2018, the global gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies, and have been recognizing achievements in product design and engineering since 1976. The MODEL 3 Water Heater by Heatworks will be displayed at the CES Unveiled in Las Vegas on January 7, 2018, as well as in the Heatworks' booth #51940, inside Eureka Park from January 9-12, 2018, in Las Vegas' Sands Hotel.

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