Heatworks Unveils Only Guarantee in Water Heating Industry

August 11, 2015

Heatworks, the creator of a revolutionary water heating technology, announced an industry-first 12-year guarantee on its Heatworks MODEL 1 tankless water heater. The Heatworks MODEL 1 guarantee is a full exchange program that completely protects its customers for 12 years.

“Other companies are afraid to guarantee their units,” said Heatworks CEO Jerry Callahan. “As a result, they offer very limited warranties, typically only three years and for parts only, rather than for the full unit. Heatworks can guarantee the MODEL 1 because it works differently from all other water heaters, which fail due to a buildup of mineral deposits on the heating elements. The MODEL 1’s innovative and patented Direct Energy Transfer technology passes electricity through graphite electrodes to instantly heat water.”

Callahan continued: “Heatworks is a truly green water heating alternative. In addition to the unit’s 99 percent energy efficiency, the MODEL 1 also delivers hot water instantly. Heatworks saves both water and energy and, of course, money.”

The MODEL 1 can significantly improve the performance and efficiency of any water heating system. It can be used in conjunction with an existing water heating system, as a standalone alternative to a central tank-type water heater, or at points of use to generate instant hot water and save the gallons of water typically wasted waiting for hot water to arrive. The MODEL 1 is certified to UL 499.

Amy Helmick
Amy Helmick