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See why USA TODAY called our Tetra Countertop Dishwasher “a game-changer for your kitchen.”

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At Heatworks, we make products that improve the comfort of our homes, the quality of our lives, and preserve our Earth’s precious resources: water and energy. You’ll heat water faster. Take longer, hotter showers. Wash dishes with less water and better results. 

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We're reinventing ways the world can heat and use water and other liquids.

Through our patented, licensable technologies, water and other liquids are heated quickly, at higher volumes, and in the most efficient ways possible. Heated water tastes better. Temperature control is precise. Energy loss and equipment downtime is minimized.

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Metal heating elements are so 1868.

Our patented Ohmic Array Technology™ uses electronic controls and graphite electrodes to heat liquids like water, instantly, to a precise temperature, and without energy loss over time unlike traditional metal heating elements that scale and rust.

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Tankless Electric Water Heater

Get endless hot water on demand with the world’s only water heater powered by Ohmic Array Technology instead of metal heating elements. No scaling or energy efficiency loss. No annual maintenance. No worries.

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Tetra Countertop Dishwasher

Countertop Dishwasher

The world’s only self-contained (patent pending), compact dishwasher. 3 liters/quarts of water. 3 full place settings. No plumbing required.


DUO Carafe

A first-of-its-kind, hot water carafe filters and heats water instantly as it's poured. One spout for hot and one for room temperature water. Anytime. Any temperature. Anywhere. Preorders to begin soon.

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